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Thursday, February 26, 2009

GRRRR to "Satellite Offices"

So when I called Dr. S's main office on Tuesday afternoon to find out what I needed to do with aforementioned pee bucket, Mean Nurse asked if I had orders for the pee test. No, hospital said to just bring it to your office.... So Mean Nurse says I'll have the orders at the front desk. Bring in pee bucket and pick up orders. You will then take it to the lab down the hall.

5 minutes later, Nice Nurse calls and asks if I am still in Pearland. Yes. Ok then you can take it to the satellite office in Pearland since its closer and so you won't have to pay for parking. GREAT. So yesterday morning I dropped off said pee bucket off. Lab is in the office here. Stupid Lab Lady comes out to greet me and asks me back to lab. She looks at orders (which were faxed) and asks ME if that's all. Really? Aren't you the lab tech and aren't you READING THE ORDERS? Yes ma'am. That is all. Are you sure no blood draw - to me - yes, we did that Monday night, thank you. Are you sure no blood draw - to other office person - no, remember we looked at the orders in the computer yesterday...just the pee test.

THIS should have been a sign of things to come.

I called the main office yesterday afternoon around 3:00 (I had to refrain myself from calling too soon) to see if the results had come in yet. No, but she would call when she got them.

I called the main office today at 9:45 to see if the results had come in yet. Mean Nurse - no, but we'll check on them and call you back. Nice Nurse calls back 5 minutes later after speaking with Stupid Lab Lady (see above) at the "satellite office" she is informed that they only "Do" that test in the afternoons and that the results were not in yet. EXCUSE ME? I dropped it off yesterday M.O.R.N.I.N.G. Wasn't yesterday afternoon considered an "afternoon?" WTF??? She said yes, but apparently the courier didn't PICK IT UP until yesterday AFTERNOON, therefore will not be processed until THIS AFTERNOON.

Don't they realize this is a critical test and that it is imperative that both Dr. S and myself know the results ASAP??? I swear, sometimes I wish we could have seen Dr. H - The Almighty and Wonderful RE - for the duration of this pregnancy....It seems he and his staff cared a little bit more than these OB morons...

Results coming soon. Maybe THIS afternoon....


3 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

What idiots in the lab, take care, please don't stress. Did you recheck your BP at the local drug store?

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh how frustrating! I hope they get their acts together soon and give you your results. Thinking of you!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Oy, I understand completely. Why are there stupid people on this earth again? Let me know if you find out! Hopefully you'll know your results soon.

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