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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Heart Is So Happy

I really want to bitch about the octuplets' MORON of a mother and that entire dramatic, welfare, food stamp situation, but I think most of you guys have already had some type of post about it or read 1400 news stories about it. Plus I had a fired up lunch conversation about it already. Thanks AJsMom. But also thanks for lunch. :0) This having no debit card for a week is KILLING ME. My cash flow runneth outeth.

Anyway, what I really wanted to post about was this. My daddy called me at work today. Know why? To check on how his grandbaby was doing. That makes me smile and makes my heart so happy. I am so glad to know that he is excited about his first born grandkid. Not only can I not imagine myself having a baby in just 10 (or less) weeks, I also can't believe that my parents will be real grandparents (minus the fur grandkids) at that time either. It is just so exciting!!!

Martha - I promise to follow up on your memes and awards tomorrow.

Ready for the belly pic of the week?

30 weeks

4 nice things to say...:

Martha said...

That is so sweet about how happy you are. You so deserve it, Kim. No hurry on the awards, I took my sweet time and I'm not expecting!

Amy said...

Aw, it's so sweet that you're dad is so excited! It does make your heart melt. I know mine is. My dad will email me occasionally just to see how "his grandbaby" is doing...then he'll email all his co-workers with the update. He's so proud!

On My Mind 24/7 said...

Such a cute belly pic! I love when my dad calls too, at least some of my baby's grandparents care enough to ask about mommy and baby!

Anonymous said...

That is such a good post, Kim. It made my heart so happy to read it. Thanks for brightening my day already!

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